Huge New Development in the Jewelry Industry

Hello, Jewelers, Gemologists and Enthusiasts!

danna g hallmarkBecause of my career in vocation and training development and my knowledge and love for gemstones and jewelry, I have been commissioned by associates and contributors of the insurance industry and professional gem labs, as well as professional appraisers, jewelers and gemologists to create advanced training materials on a vocational education scale for mid-market, independent participants in the jewelry trade.

This is a Very Large and Important Project

book and diamond

It is not to be taken lightly!

This is the first time our industry will be truly actualized into academia and incorporated into its vocational systems. Our intention is to add Professional Jewelry Appraiser to the labor department’s list of vocations.

Our objective is to aid this industry niche in sorting out and working within the new, developing regulations and insurance industry expectations, as well as teach upcoming developments such as new mine finds and technical advancements.

But, in offering this training, it is not our intention to cause anyone to go through additional learning curves in order to become familiar with unnecessary computer applications, programs and other gizmos that they will not need after their training is completed.

This Project will be made easier with your help.

In that light, I want to ask the help of those who might be interested in this development to respond to this simple survey by either commenting here or by emailing me at Simply tell me which of the following computer skills you have. This will indicate to me how the training should be developed for the niche market I mentioned above.

  1. Word Processing doc or docx (or indicate other)
  2. Reading pdf files
  3. Receiving and sending email with attachments
  4. Using Skype, Telegram, or Zoom for:
    1. Texts
    2. Conversations
    3. Screen share

Camera not necessary for #4.

Whether you are personally interested in advanced training or not, your participation in this survey will help us immensely in our endeavor to modernize and update the industry.

Thank you for your help.

Keep updated on this project at Hallmark Professional Consulting

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