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Transgender Bathroom Laws, Trump, and A Possible Solution to the “Problem”

Trump B2Trump says HB2 has caused 'unnecessary strife'

We’ve heard so much about proposed bills that would prevent transgendered individuals from using public bathroom facilities that correspond to their “current sex.”  The most common rationale for implementing these anti-LGBT laws is the concern that an adult male will enter the women’s bathroom and attempt to sexually assault a young female.

Even Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has spoken out against North Carolina’s controversial House Bill 2 law which includes anti-LGBT protections as well as other issues regarding minimum wage requirements for private employers.

So, what we have here is a problem no matter what your opinion is: There’s the obvious anti-LGBT tone.  Many would also agree that there is a violation of civil rights.   Transgendered individuals are faced with more discrimination, fear, and uncertainty as to where they should go to relieve themselves.

Many would argue that most individuals utilize a public restroom because they really have to either defecate or urinate.  Both men and women also are likely to use a public facility if they need to wash their hands or check their appearance.

The rationale behind House Bill 2 and similar bills is the irrational fear of a grown man (dressed in women’s clothing) possibly sexually assaulting a young female (or female child). 

Rather than discuss all the reasons for these irrational, illogical, and anti-LGBT bills, let’s focus on a possible solution that would address this issue or “problem.”

Has anyone thought about gender-neutral public facilities?  Think about it.  When we walk into a public restroom of most facilities, we often see a series of bathroom stalls.  If you are in a men’s public bathroom, there are also a series of urinals.  In addition to stalls and urinals, we see a series of sinks and mirrors, soap dispensers, dryers or disposable hand towels.


Well, instead of having a series of bathroom stalls, urinals, sinks, etc occupying a large space such as the quintessential public restroom, why not just create a series of individual, one-person, gender-neutral restrooms that lock from the inside? 

Think about it?  We’re talking about peace of mind for all.  Obviously, we cannot always agree on the various views (religious, political, personal, etc) but there is a way that could uphold a person’s right to use a public restroom.  I’m not a plumber or an architect, but this doesn’t seem like a complicated project when considering how many public bathrooms are designed. 

Obviously, price is always a concern so this would mean focusing more on function rather than aesthetics.  Furthermore, the restroom facilities would need to be built based on current evidence-based guidelines with regard to public health and safety.

What do you think?  Is this a viable solution that many states could implement?  Any contractors/plumbers/architects, etc out there have any ideas of implementation?





Why I Hate OTO’s

I've had it with OTO's!

If you've ever bought an internet marketing info product you surely know what OTO's are. They're very common with products sold on Warrior Forum, JV Zoo, Warrior Plus, and other product market places.

OTO stands for 'one time offer'. The idea is that it's a special deal that you'll only get a crack at one time and you have to make a decision right then and there (i.e. in the check-out process) or forever lose that golden opportunity.

While there are exceptions to every rule, I have made up my mind try not to ever again buy a product that comes with multiple OTO's. If I think it comes with undisclosed OTO's I'm going to be much less likely to even consider it. This of course will most assuredly include products marketed by such prolific online brands as Ray The Video Guy, Todd Gross, Neil Napier, and several others.

I made this decision after an experience this evening. The experience was one I have had many times previously and each time I had it (have that experience) it usually left a very bad taste in my mouth.

Here's the scenario:

You read an email or click a link. The link takes you to a sales page. The sales pages sounds really interesting. Down somewhere toward the bottom is the price for the offer and you think, "Yeah, that sounds like a good product. I can afford it. I'll get it!"

And you click on the 'buy' link

That's where the experience gets fishy (rotten fishy) because you eventually (in these situations) notice that after you pay for your purchase, you are usually directed not to the product download page but back to the sales page or some version thereof.

In my mind, this is comparable to thinking that you're walking out of a store with everything you intended to get but instead you are reminded that you need to buy something else to complete the product(s) you bought. 

It's not a good feeling but it's very common, intentionally, in the way products are sold on the internet today.

In the all-too-common scenario, immediately after paying for your product(s), you arrive at another page that says something like, "Wait!! You've made a wise decision but how would you like to…blah…blah…blah.." and you see a video (usually) with all the great advantages of something else you need to spend money on in order to get 'real satisfaction' with the product you just finished buying which you thought was all you needed to give you real satisfaction. After all…that's what the sales letter said, didn't it?

It's like buying a car a a dealership and just when you're starting to visualize yourself driving around in your cool new set of wheels, the salesman says, "By the way…do you want wheels with your car?"

It's difficult enough to make a buying decision. Most people don't like spending money. I sure don't. Being presented with the necessity for another unpleasant and maybe even risky buying decision is never a pleasant situation.

My point is that this situation is repeatedly imposed upon purchasers of many products on the internet. It happens over and over and over again on the internet today… not so much for tangible products (e.g. Amazon, Kindle, etc.) but most often with intangible products, e.g. info products and IM (internet marketing software).

I've actually seen products with as many as five (!!!) separate OTO's. Sometimes they'll even have price drops to further insult your intelligence (lower prices on something slightly scaled down but basically similar). 

I'm convinced that these product marketers are well aware that that it's harder to say 'no' to a OTO on the back end, i.e. after you've already made the decision to buy the foundational product, than it would be to put everything that is available on the sales pages up front.

As a matter of fact, many IM sales courses and software goes so far as to put great emphasis on how to construct OTO's as part of the Sales Funnel'. It's a very highly regarded technique for today's 'modern', internet marketers. 

Me…? I think it borders, and often goes over the line, of ethical behavior.

Unfortunately, there's no regulating authority on such practices. It's just part of the 'Wild West' of today's internet marketing environment. But I do feel that, just as the Markethive Privacy Policy is totally unique and will make BIG waves in the online business community, if Markethive (or individual marketers and/or affiliates) could promote a more transparent, more open policy in this area of the buyer's experience, it could be another feather in their cap and go a long way towards establishing and building our credibility.

I've requested a refund on this product that I bought tonight. Overall it might have been a good product but, frankly, I don't like being manipulated like that. And…I mentioned this experience and my attitude towards it to the affiliate who sent me the original offer.

He (a gentleman who I regard highly) told me that the only reason he sent this offer out to his list was because the original product producer had 'sent out' one of his offers….so it was just a case of reciprocity.

But you know what?

I'll bet you my friend is more careful on the next product he mails out for somebody. I hope so. I hate OTO's.