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Your Jewelry Guide: Pride of Ownership

Pride of Ownership and Jewelry

As Your Jewelry Guide, I want to talk a few minutes about Pride of Ownership and Jewelry Items. Pride of Ownership is that feeling a person has who takes responsibility for the care and treatment of the items they own. Whether it is a new Mercedes in their garage or a measuring cup in their kitchen, they are glad and thankful to own it. That attitude is reflected in the way they care for what they have. Pride of ownership is something that is not often seen nowadays. Pride of ownership isn’t just the “first love” excitement that is typically evident when a thing is new. No. Rather, pride of ownership is that attitude that results in a person’s caring for their possessions as long as they own them.

coin sackI think pride of ownership was best demonstrated in the various ways the participants in the TV series “Storage Wars” treated the items they found in the storage lockers they won at auction. I don’t follow this series now, and am not sure it is still running, but, several years back I became fascinated with the different personalities of the bidders. And whether the episodes were “staged” or natural, the fact still remains that the series showed the difference in the attitude of persons toward their possessions.

In one or two episodes, the winner of the auction found a coin collection in the locker. It appalled me when, in their unbridled excitement to see what they had, they began tearing open packets and boxes of coins, dumping them together in a pile, unmindful that the coins had been carefully categorized and wrapped for storage by the unfortunate previous owner, pending a future day or sale. And, not only did the actions of piling them all up and running hands through them cause more work in the future when they would have to re-sort them according to value and rarity, it also jostled and rubbed the coins together which might have scarred some rare coins enough to be down-graded in value.

However, there was one bidder who treated everything he won in the lockers with great care, carefully loading it in his trucks to be taken back to his facilities to be sorted out there. He also was the most well-to-do dealer on the show. And, I may add, the least liked and understood. Many sneered as his clean white truck or trucks pull up to an auction, and were openly incensed with the success of his business.

pride of new carYou are not likely to see evidence of pride of ownership nowadays, with “stuff” so easily acquired – and so easily discarded when the store-bought beauty fades or a newer version comes on the market. I learned from my grandparents and parents that, as long as you owned something, you cared for it properly, kept it clean and repaired.


wash meA maintenance man who works for me explained to me that the reason he didn’t take care of his truck is because there was a small fire in the cab when it was fairly new and the header had to be removed. I asked him why he didn’t replace the header — he stared at me like I was speaking a foreign language.

So newness and beauty are his two criteria for pride of ownership. I think that’s sad. His truck is powerful and reliable and has given thousands of miles of rough and heavy service. Service and loyalty counts for little, it seems; “shiny and new” seem to be the only redeeming factors anymore.

junk drawerSo many, many times older luxury goods are tossed in the junk drawer or thrown in a garage sale box because the chain is tangled or the piece has been around long enough to lose its glimmer – it gets dirty or smudged, it’s set in unknown metal, or “fashion” dictates other looks. Someone down the line loses the pride of ownership and the value of the item is lost forever.

Little do people realize or take into consideration that young designers work in lesser metals many times and are also the ones who may use rare gemstones when they have just been discovered, are unknown, and haven’t been deemed “valuable” by popularity. Rare and costly stones can be found in “costume” jewelry from the mid-20th century.

Let’s get back your pride of ownership – and maybe realize a little money at the same time. See me before you pawn your valuables or let the kids play dress up with grandma's "junk" jewelry. I will evaluate your jewelry, watches or gemstones and give you a written estimate – and then offer you a fair price for them if that is appropriate. If the item has only sentimental value, the evaluation is free – but you will at least know what you have.

Let me guide you. I'll be your concierge, your go-between, your "gofer", when you want to purchase, evaluate, insure, sell, trade, or in other ways shuffle your gems and jewelry. Whether you want to know if that ring is "real" or want to spend investment money for precious stones, seeking my opinion may save you money now or embarrassment in the future.

All of my services are conducted privately and confidentially.

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So… What Do You Do?

To find out how I can help you, first you need to contact me by email at danna@yourjewelryguide.com. My purpose is to guide you: either to the best value in your price range of the most appropriate item for the occasion or purpose, or to the best method of evaluating and selling your luxury, vintage, estate, or other precious items. Doing that doesn’t require a gaudy website with pop-ups jumping in and out to get your attention or ads for who-knows-what distracting you. It does take, however, a thorough working knowledge of the subject, a dedication to your best interest, and a real love for the goods that are handled.

danna g hallmarkAnd, yes, I’m really here.

I’m a real person.

I will read your email and reply to you. Just write to me — Tell me what you are looking for or what you have to sell, trade up, or place on consignment, or what questions you have about pieces you own or are about to purchase. Let me know in everyday language if you want to find out the value of your item, or want my opinion of what a certain item should cost or need suggestions for a special gift.

Follow me for information and tips that will teach you what you already have and guide you to procuring other pieces for your own collection or to give as gifts to others.

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