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Great LinkedIn News

Great LinkedIn News
by Art Williams

Hot off the press, I just saw some LinkedIn (LI) news that should be very interesting to Markethive (MH) members: LI now has a new feature for their membership whereby members can search for various types of service providers within the LI community. It's called ProFinder and it sounds similar to a Fiver or Upwork service except that apparently LI doesn’t take a ‘cut’ of the fee.

What does it mean for MH community members?

It means that those of us who have marketable skills should be able to get actual work from the LI community. It also means that we’ll be able to build more awareness of the caliber of our community and what we can do with our unique tools.

I haven’t thoroughly thought it through yet but I also wonder if it might even give us an opportunity to flog (a ‘Brit’ word for sell) our BlogCasting and/or article writing service and skill over there?

I think it will…somehow.

Just in case you don’t know, it’s fairly easy to get connections on LI. I’m up to about 1100+ in my own network. Other members of our group, like John Lombaerde, have even much larger networks. Furthermore, most of the people on LI are mature enough about professional networking to expect to be contacted about ‘deals’ and JV’s, and proposals.

What I just read about ProFinder said that it ‘matches’ service providers (from the LI community) with other people on LI who might need that particular service…. Presumably in response to a ‘search’ which the member performed.

I have no idea, yet, about how that process works but what I’m wondering is, ‘how much proactive solicitation might we be able to do?’

Maybe the answer is, ‘none’. Maybe any work we might get from this program would simply come as an inquiry from somebody who searched the new program, via keywords, for a service they need.

But one thing is for sure: those people are usually very busy and they probably don’t mind paying for good work. So, I’m thinking that we just have to figure out the solicitation protocols (to the extent there are any).

This new LI feature also brings up something John Lombaerde has been emphasizing too: the importance of a good profile, i.e. with the proper keywords. Apparently, when a LI community member is looking for our service(s) keywords figure into the search.

Here at MH, ‘we’ know we’re a cut about average, but now getting access to the serious business professionals over on LI should be good for us and it will be interesting to see what comes out of Tom’s mind after he’s had a chance to ponder this new development for a while.

LinkedIn is actively courting users to sign up for the program and even provides tips on how to get noticed inside ProFinder. I agree that it’s a smart move for LI too.

ProFinder is also a validation that ‘professional networking’ is here to stay and a force to be reckoned with as a legitimate way to do business in today’s digital world. And….as LI community members begin to realize all that MH has to offer, they’ll realize that nobody touches us in terms of innovation and value.

Art Williams
Case Study Writer and Markethive Contributor